TICO advisories are released when issues arise that affect both consumers and industry alike. TICO endeavors to keep stakeholders informed on timely issues such as closures where claims are expected against the Compensation Fund and any updates on the legislative and regulatory review process including changes to the legislation. Get the up-to-date information on these and other issues affecting the industry and its stakeholders. Stay informed by regularly visiting TICO's News section.

Industry Advisory - Ontario Government Releases Phase 2 Report on Possible Changes to the Act and the Regulation
Notice of Annual General Meeting
Consumer Alert - Unregistered Agency - Sunshine Travel
Industry Advisory: Election for Retail Position on TICO Board - Send in Nominations Before Deadline
Advisory - Ontario Government Releases Phase 1 Report of Travel Industry Act Review
First Notice of Annual General Meeting
Industry Advisory - Compensation Fund Rate Increase Effective April 1, 2017
Advisory - Ontario Government Announces New Advertising Requirements And Travel Industry Act Consultation Sessions
Industry Advisory: All-In-Pricing Requirement Effective January 01, 2017
Industry Advisory - TICO Provides Explanatory Paper to Assist with Interpretation of New Regulation Changes
Industry Advisory - Ontario Government to Review Travel Industry Act and Regulation
Industry Advisory - Changes to Ontario Regulation 26/05 Approved
CONSUMER ALERT - Frank Cardona (Travel Counsellor)
Industry Advisory - Amendment to Definition of "Travel Services"