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TICO Education Standards - Exam Re-Writes

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  • The formal letter that a candidate receives after writing the exam (usually within 10 business days) will indicate whether the candidate has achieved a Pass or a Fail. (Click here to read more about the Exam Pass Mark)
  • If a candidate receives a Fail on the TICO exam they will automatically receive a list of the modules in the Study Manual in which they answered questions incorrectly.
  • After reviewing these modules, the candidate may re-write the exam under the following guidelines:
    • 1st re-write: minimum wait of 14 days
    • 2nd re-write: minimum wait of 30 days
    • 3rd and subsequent re-write: minimum wait of 30 days
  • In order to re-write an exam, candidates will need to complete the Re-write form and you will find your original information, saved. Then all you need to do is revise the exam date and, if necessary, revise the Proctor information.

Fee: There is a fee of $24.00 for each re-write of the exam.