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Disclosure and Invoicing Guidelines

Section 36 of Ontario Regulation 26/05 pursuant to the Travel Industry Act, 2002 sets out the requirement that a travel agent must disclose certain information to a customer before completing a travel sale with the customer. This requirement must be met whether the travel agent is dealing with the consumer in person, on the phone or over the internet.

The agent must bring to the customer’s attention any conditions related to the purchase of travel services that the travel agent has reason to believe may affect the customer’s decision to purchase. This would include such conditions as construction at the resort, health or travel warnings. Read more by downloading the Guidelines for Disclosure in PDF format:

alt Guidelines for Disclosure and Invoicing

Advertising Guidelines

Under the Travel Industry Act, 2002 and Ontario Regulation 26/05, there are very strict advertising requirements to which TICO registrants must adhere to ensure a fair and equitable marketplace for the travel industry and consumers.  Effective January 01, 2017, any representation that refers to a price shall set out the total amount that the customer will be required to pay for the travel services, including all fees, levies, service charges, surcharges, taxes and other charges. In other words, “all-in” pricing is required.  The following Advertising Guidelines are available to assist with the understanding and application of the new requirement:

alt Advertising Guidelines

Guidelines for Outside Sales Representatives (OSR)

TICO has recognized a growing trend of travel counsellors working outside of the registered place of business of a TICO registered travel agency (Host Agency).  When a travel counsellor works outside of the registered place of business, TICO considers this person to be working in the capacity of an Outside Sales Representative (OSR).  

TICO has developed Guidelines designed to assist  both  the individual (OSR) selling travel services and the businesses (Host Agencies) that have OSR's selling travel services on their behalf.  The Guidelines are provided to support a better understanding of the requirements under the Travel Industry Act, 2002 and Ontario Regulation 26/05 to ensure compliance.  The guidelines also include some recommended best business practices.

Read more by downloading the Guidelines for Outside Sales Representatives in PDF format:

 alt  Outside Sales Representative Guidelines - for Travel Counsellors
alt Outside Sales Representative Guidelines - for Travel Agency Owners

Exemption Guidelines

Many individuals have questions about whether their business or activities which include travel services fall under the legislated exemptions or whether they are captured under the Travel Industry Act, 2002 and Ontario Regulation 26/05. Section 4 of the Act prohibits persons from acting as travel agents or travel wholesalers unless they are registered under the Act.  However, there are some provisions that allow persons to be exempt from having to register under the Act. The exemptions are set out in Section 2 of the Regulation. 

TICO has prepared the following Exemption Guidelines to assist with the interpretation of the exemptions under the Act and Regulation.  If you are uncertain whether an activity would require registration or have questions related to the Exemption Guidelines, please contact TICO for more information.

alt Read more by downloading the Exemption Guidelines  | PDF

Event Planners Guidelines

Meeting planners (Event Planners) sometimes engage in activities that are similar to travel agents. In order to comply with the Ontario Travel Industry Act, 2002 and Ontario Regulation 26/05, Event Planners should review the following Event Planner Guidelines.

Event Planners Guidelines

School Trip Guidelines

Many schools, elementary and secondary, conduct trips for the students of the school from time to time. Some of these trips are exempt under the Act and do not need to be made through a travel agency registered under the Act.

Section 2 (7) of Regulation 26/05 made under the Act allows a person who is employed to teach in an elementary or secondary school, university or a college of applied arts and technology to conduct trips under certain conditions that can be found in the School Trip Guidelines.

School Trip Guidelines

Special Interest Travel Guidelines

TICO has seen an increase in Special Interest Travel organized by individuals or businesses whose primary purpose is not selling travel and for that reason are not registered with TICO. These individuals or businesses sometimes engage in activities that may fall under the Act and require registration. These guidelines are designed to assist those engaging in Special Interest Travel to better understand when registration is required under the Act.  Examples include a yoga studio that offers a tour/retreat that includes transportation and/or accommodation or a photographer who runs a workshop to teach photography and the workshop includes transportation and/or accommodation.
  Special Interest Travel Guidelines


Trust Accounting Guidelines

One of the purposes of the Travel Industry Act, 2002 is the protection of customer monies received for the purchase of travel services, including travel services to be provided by an air carrier.

"Trust Accounting" recognizes this purpose by considering that all customer monies received for travel services are deemed to be held in trust to be used only for the purchase of the travel services contracted for by the customer. Monies in a Trust Account do not belong to the travel agent or wholesaler. Read more by downloading the Trust Accounting Guidelines in PDF format:

alt Trust Accounting Guidelines


TICO Fee Schedule

Section 3(1) of Ontario Regulation 26/05 provides that an application for registration or for renewal of registration as a travel agent or a travel wholesaler shall be accompanied by the relevant fee set by the administrative authority under clause 12 (1) (b) of the Safety and Consumer Statutes Administration Act, 1996. This Fee Schedule sets out TICO registration and renewal fees... Read more by downloading TICO's Fee Schedule in PDF format:

alt TICO's Fee Schedule


TICO Payment Schedule

Clause 12 (1) (c) of the Safety and Consumer Statutes Administration Act, 1996 allows TICO to set the payments that persons are required to make to the Compensation Fund. It is the TICO Board of Directors that approves the Payment Schedule and any changes to the contribution rates.

This Payment Schedule sets out TICO Compensation Fund Contribution Rates for travel agents and travel wholesalers. Read more by downloading TICO's Payment Schedule in PDF format:

alt TICO's Payment Schedule